T. Kenneth Cribb, Jr.

Ken Cribb was always a welcome presence at Piety Hill. He was bright, eloquent, friendly and encouraging to all and sundry…and he dearly regarded Annette and Russell Kirk. He would sometimes be there on a New Year’s Eve for the ancient and honorable tradition of Snapdragon, the consuming of brandy-soaked raisins spread over the mezaa tray and set alight. Russell always was first, with shrieks of “Flames! I perish! Aaarghhh!” And he’d grab up a handful of the raisins and swallow them.

Ken went on to serve in the Reagan White House. He is now the president of Intercollegiate Studies Institute and he is still as bright, eloquent, friendly and …. This interview took place May 14, 1996, and runs almost 17 minutes.

T. Kenneth Cribb, Jr from The Russell Kirk Center on Vimeo.

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