Dr. George H. Nash, October 31, 2009

Dr. George H. Nash was the first speaker of the day, followed by Dr. Peter Stanlis, Dr. Ian Crowe and Dr. Vigen Guroian. Here you will be welcomed by Annette Kirk, the President of the Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal and the widow of Russell Kirk, and Douglas Minson, Executive Director of Academic Affairs of Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI). The piece runs nearly an hour and 20 mintues. The first portion of the piece a the welcome and introduction. Then comes the body of Dr. Nash’s talk. And last are the subsequent discussion and question and answer session. Dr. Stanlis and Dr. Guroian have some heretofore unrecorded observations, including the report of a conversation Dr. Kirk and Dr. Stanlis had with Richard Weaver concerning his appraisal of Edmund Burke.

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