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Russell Kirk was both a brilliant author and speaker. A student of oratory (rhetoric), he developed his own style that owed much to his understanding of Aristotle and Cicero. We began taping Russell in the 1980s and captured as much as possible, many times taking up a table in the library during Intercollegiate Studies Institute seminars. And it’s not just Russell we have for you: other speakers ranging from William Bentley Ball to Vigen Gurioan made the trek to Mecosta for seminars. We are newly digitizing all the audio recordings and presenting them at this site. We hope you will be able to enjoy them. They are Copyright©2009 penULTIMATE, Ltd, but are offered for your personal use. If you wish to distribute them, please contact us.

Rights under Two Revolutions — Recorded June 1, 1990, at Piety Hill

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