Andrew T.M. Shaughnessy

Andrew T.M. Shaughnessy served as one of Russell Kirk’s assistants for more than a decade. A native Scot, he is a writer, artist, editor, and dry-stone wall builder. He resides in his native land although he makes trips to the U.S. when he’s able to maintain the bonds with Piety Hill.

Andrew T.M. Shaughnessy-Large 540p from The Russell Kirk Center on Vimeo.

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  1. I enjoyed listening to Andrew’s reminiscences of Dr. Kirk. We corresponded some, since Dr. Kirk was a reader of my Chesterton dissertation and Andrew was his assistant at that time. We met during a weekend my wife and I spent at Piety Hill in which he graciously watched after our young son. Is there any contact information that you could share with me? If not, I would be grateful if you were to pass on my information to him. I would enjoy getting in touch with him again. Thank you.

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