Peter Christie, Durie House, Fife

Peter Christie, Laird of Durie House near Leven in Fife, grew up knowing Russell Kirk. Christie’s father and mother were fast friends of Kirk, and when he was only 16, young Peter came to Mecosta to find the wonders of rural Michigan. It left him changed and with a sense of a second home in all the world.

Peter Christie on Russell Kirk from The Russell Kirk Center on Vimeo.

6 thoughts on “Peter Christie, Durie House, Fife

  1. I have just listened to Peter Christie about Russell
    Kirk. Very interesting and fantastic! Even more fantastic is that Peter is an old friend of mine who I have not seen for many many years. Could you please send him my regards? Anikka Kinnerud Sweden

  2. Anikka,

    Peter is my father, still in good health and living in Scotland.

    Would like to hear from you.

    Rob Christie

  3. Rob,
    I wanted to ask you about your family (I think), the Hay-Neaves and the Patersons of Carpow.
    I did not know how else to contact you.

  4. Peter and Sheila Christie were good friends of my family when we lived in Fife in the 1960s before emigrating to Canada.
    Dugald Smith

  5. Durie House was once owned by Alexander Gibson, Lord Durie who is a paternal ancestor of mine – I’d love to know who owns the house now and what it looks like/is used for.

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